The woman as a shadow of man is a stereotype idea, which even now-a-days has not lost its actuality. The feeling of "secondariness" is deeply imbedded in a great number of women and in many cases exactly this feeling predetermines the condescending attitude on behalf of the other sex. The woman is not only treated as a shadow, but she herself plays this role. As Virginia Wolf puts it, anonymity runs in women's blood and women are still possessed by the will to hide into the background. The understanding that women's mission is entirely to support man's ego still casts a shadow on women's attempts at self realization. The visualization of the individual feelings about this problem of different women-artists brings to the surface "in black and white" some symptoms, still remaining undesignated, at least in our country.

And why "subjects"? As the reverse of the shadow. And because of the privilege of the subject to take care of herself and thus to come to know herself. What Foucault calls "the obligation for self knowledge" is impossible without studying the dark, the hidden side, in other words, the shadow.

The exhibition "Subjects and Shadows" is the serial initiative of "The Eight of March" Group. It is a group of women-artists, who involve in their performances followers from the two sexes.
Every member of the group tries to understand her/his personal problems or the problems of her/his sex, not by shifting them upon her/his partner, but through investigating the folds of her/his own essence - bright or dark, visible or invisible for the others or for her/his own self.

Maria Vassileva

Adelina Popnedeleva
Trifling Compromises, video

Alla Georgieva
Alla's Secret, ink-jet print

Borjana Dragoeva
Am I Happy?, I am Happy, photography

Elena Panajotova
The Tentacles of Emotion, object

Dimitrina Sevova
Three Short Video Portraits, video

Monika Romenska
Hocklein, installation


Silvia Lazarova
A New Page, ink-jet print


Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova
A Subject in Shadow, object


Tanya Abadjieva
Dance with Me, video


Nadja Genova
A Trial, installation


Daniela Kostova
A Frame, video, 8'45''


Venzeslav Zankov
The Woman Inside Me, video

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