"The 8th of March" is a group of women-artists, which during the past three years was organizing exhibitions, discussions and conferences. For the first time in the history of Bulgarian art, through its actions, some of the taboo topics, which till then were considered to be priority only for men, were "pronounced aloud".
Its membership is not strictly appointed. It varies depending on the character of each action. This coincides with desires of the members to protect themselves against all sorts of restrictions. Through their mutual collaboration, members of the group are led by their wish to call society's attention to live problems from artistic and social existence of the women in the present world. They do not try to fight, or to ridicule with the men's part of the society. Their main idea is to display by means of visual arts, the point of view of the woman, her feelings, sensations, ambitions and views, as well as her failings.

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