Maria Vassileva* (b. 1961) graduated in art history from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1984. She specialized at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (1998) and at the Institute of the History of Art at the University in Rochester, the USA (1999). Founding member of the Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia. Consultant to the TED Gallery, Varna. Observer for Koultoura newspaper. Curator at the Sofia Municipal Art Gallery, department of contemporary art. Teaching History of Contemporary Art at the University of Veliko Tarnovo. Active as an art critic and theoretician. Since 1998 curator of the women's group "The 8th of March". Has curated the following exhibitions: "Ars ex Natio. Made in Bulgaria", Annual exhibition of the Soros Centre for the Arts - Sofia, Plovdiv, 1988, "Erato's Version", Shipka 6 Gallery, 1988 (both jointly with Yara Boubnova); "Obsession", Central Mineral Bath, Sofia, 1999; "Recipes. A New Artistic Manual", Institute of Contemporary Art -Sofia, 1999; "Dressing/Undressing", Center for Contemporary Art "Bania Starinna", Plovdiv, 1999; "Mirror, Mirror…", Russe City Art Gallery, 2000; "Subjects and Shadows", ATA Center for Contemporary Art, Sofia, 2000; "Shop-art. Women on (at) the Market", underpass St. Sofia, 2001; "Changing of Places", international women exchange project, ATA Center of contemporary art, Sofia, 2001.
Adelina Popnedeleva* (b. 1965) graduated in textile design from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1988. Her earliest works display the means of expression and methods of woven fabrics, but are invested with social meanings expressing her attitude to the social changes that have occurred after the mid-1980s. She has created objects and installations, working with hand-made paper, wire, colour slides, video and sound. Some of the more important exhibitions are: "Negative Interventions" 1994; "In the Footsteps of..." 1995; "Process"; 1996; "Equality, Fraternity, Liberty" 1997; "Collection" 1997; "Meaningless Plantations" 1999.
Alla Georgieva* (b. 1957) graduated from the Institute of Art and Design at Kharkov, the Ukraine, in 1981. Until 1992 she worked in the field of caricature, satirical painting and illustration. Has won a number of awards at national and international art shows. On the contemporary Bulgarian scene, she is chiefly known for her preoccupation concerning the "female point of view". She is one of the initiators of the exhibitions "Erato's Version" 1997, "Caprice" 1998, and "Obsession" 1999, which attempt to present the position of the modern woman-artist and to convey her thoughts and feelings in an adequate and up to date manner.
Boriana Dragoeva (b.1972) graduated from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1997. Solo shows: 2000 videoinstallations, XXL Gallery, Sofia; 1999 Point/Less, TED Gallery, Varna; Photography, KEVA, Sofia; 1998 My Favorite Dish, private space, Sofia; Group shows: 2000 Mirror, Mirror... Russe Art Gallery; Subjects and Shadows, ATA Center, Sofia; 1999 Videoarcheology, International Video Festival, Sofia; Interspace, International Video Festival, Sofia; "Culture-Subculture", Annual Exhibition of the Soros Center of the Arts, Varna, Bulgaria; "Communication Front", International Multimedia Festival, Center for Contemporary Art "Bannia Starinna", Plovdiv, Bulgaria; "Dressing/Undressing", The Alternative Galleries of the 90-ies, Plovdiv; 1998 Sofia Underground festival 2, NDK.
Curatorial expirience: 1999 and 1998 Sofia Underground Festival 1 & 1.
Daniela Kostova (b. 1974) graduated from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1997. Solo shows: 1998 Ubertraung, Leipzig, Germany; Individual Topographies, City Gallery, Sofia; 1999 Life is a Cinema, XXL gallery, Sofia; Millenium Bug, XXL Gallery, Sofia; Group shows: 1999 Cultura/Subcultura, Soros Foundation, Sofia; 2000, Paranoia Style, ATA Center, Sofia; Subjects and Shadows, ATA Center, Sofia; Anti-Machism/Anti-Feminism, XXL Gallery, Sofia; In & Out, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana - Onufri' 2000 prize for the work "Frame", videoinstallation.
Daniela Sergieva (b. 1976) studies Illustration and Graphic Design at the Art Academy, Sofia. Has participated in several group shows: 2000 - At Room Temperature, site-specific project, private apartment, Sofia; On the Other Hand, Ata Center for Contemporary Art, Sofia; Mirror, Mirror, City Gallery, Ruse;
1999 - Betavil, Bulgarian- Austrian project, Office of Newspaper Capital ,
Sofia; 1998 -The Archives, 6 Shipka St. Gallery, Sofia.
Dimitrina Sevova* (b. 1971) graduated in painting from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1997. She has participated in workshops for multimedia and electronic art in Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Yugoslavia and Finland. One of the first Bulgarian artists to take up video-art and net-art. Some of her better known works are "Merry-Go-Round" 1998, "Male Gender, Female Gender" 1997, "the revolution=terror, revolution=terror" 1997, "My Cookery Book" 1998. She also works in the field of computer graphics, artistic book design and photo-installation. In 1998 she won the Grand Prix of the Second International Print Triennial in Sofia. She is one of the initiators of the TED alternative space in Varna.
Elena Panayotova* (b. 1964) graduated in painting from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1989. She works in the field of painting, drawing, book design, installation and object art. Her interests are centered on the ordinary objects of her immediate environment. Their attentive scrutiny and the artistic dialogue, carried on through means of expression similar to the real ones, enable the artist to reanimate and impart new meaning to our everyday environment. Some of her more important shows were: "The World after Nora", Ata-Rai Gallery 1998; "Household Objects", Art'36 Gallery 1997.
Monika Romenska* (b. 1958) graduated in graphic art from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1983. She specialized in Germany and Switzerland. The beginning of her career is associated with the "Rub" group, one of the first informal artistic associations in Bulgaria, founded in the mid-1980s. Monika Romenska is head of the "Work with Paper" Gallery and is one of the initiators of the Centre for Contemporary Art "Banya Starinna", Plovdiv. She works in the field of graphics, painting, the artistic book lay-out and installation. Has taken part in all major exhibitions of contemporary art in Bulgaria, and has exhibited jointly with Swiss artist Regula Michel.
Nadya Genova* (b. 1960) graduated in graphic art from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1984. Works as graphic artist, does objects and installations. Has been awarded prizes for her graphic work at international forums, as well as the prize of the city of Plovdiv for an individual exhibition in 1993. Member of the first informal art group, "Rub", in Bulgaria, founded in the mid-1980s. She is one of the initiators of the Centre for Contemporary Art "Banya Starinna" in Plovdiv. Member of the curators' team of the international multi-media festival "Communication Front" 1999. Has specialized in Paris and Skuol, Switzerland.
Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova* (b. 1960) was trained at the Art Academy in Sofia. For a time she devoted herself to painting and stage design. It was about 1995 that she appeared on the alternative art scene with sculptures and installations of hand-made paper. Particularly successful were her shows "Variants" (Ata-Rai Gallery, 1997), "Attempts at Measuring Time" (TED Gallery, 1998), and "Soap Reflections" (ATA Gallery, 1999). She is concerned with the various extreme states regarding both space and time.
Central to some of her work is the preoccupation with the incorporation of the environment or the use of non-durable materials such as soap, ice, etc.
Sylvia Lazarova* (b. 1960) graduated in graphic design from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1987. She has taken part in national and international shows of theatre posters. In 1993 she held a one-man show of posters. Her activity on the alternative art scene began with a performance in the town of Kyustendil in 1988, and her participation in the "11.11.89" Exhibition in Blagoevgrad. Since then she has been contributing to all major exhibitions of the Club of the (eternally) Young Artist and of Section 13 at the Union of Bulgarian Artists.
Tanya Abadjieva* (b. 1958) graduated from the Art Academy, Sofia in 1996. She made her debut in the field of graphics, winning two prizes at international graphic shows. Later she turned to spatial installations made of paper and callophane. One of her major preoccupations is the problem of altering the physical and emotional environment through the artist's intervention. Recently she has been executing works made of durable foodstuffs. In her compositions she relies on the subtle provocation, balancing on the borderline between visible and invisible, between real and unreal, between the conscious and unconscious.

* member of the group

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