Curator: Maria Vassileva

Participants: Adelina Popnedeleva, Alla Georgieva, Dimitrina Sevova, Elena Panaiotova, Irina Danilova /USA/, Monika Romenska, Monica Fisher /Switzerland/, Nadejda Oleg Liahova, Nadia Genova, Regula Michel /Switzerland/, Silvia Lazarova, Tania Abadjieva.

Place of event: Central Mineral Baths in Sofia city.
Date: March-April, 1999.

Preliminary history: In 1997, upon the suggestion offered by Adelina Popnedeleva and Alla Georgieva, womenÒs erotic exhibition "EratoÒs Version" was performed, in one of the exhibition rooms at the picture gallery, located at 6 "Shipka" Street (curators Iara Boubnova and Maria Vassileva). Idea of the exhibition was to present point of view of the "partner", her emotions, sensations, striving and conceptions, as well as her weak points. This was also the first attempt in our country, such a theme to be "pronounced aloud" be means of visual words. Subsequently, from the invited participants, a group was differentiated with similar interests and conceptions about the contemporary art and place of the woman artist in it. As a result of this collaboration, the exhibition "Caprice" was born in gallery "ATA", in 1998. After that meetings among the authors continued. It was obvious that everyone wished to work together with the others, to speak about different themes and to place accents over them through a mutual collaboration. This originated the idea of the next exhibition with initial title "Obsessions".

Idea: At the time of selection of the theme, we looked for the key-word, which simultaneously to unify, provoke and give to everyone a free field of expression. "Obsessions" gives everyone a chance to peep into deep inner layers of his own consciousness and at the same time to show /or not to show/ the clue, which unifies different creative individualities with similar convictions. Is obsession a symbol of freedom? Creator could be liberated from everything except from himself. Just the state of total "obsession" engenders creative act. For artists state of obsession is equal to breathing. And perhaps, obsession is one and the only "lack of freedom", which creator, who anyhow strives for entire freedom, tolerates in his life. From what do creative convictions depend on? Does womanÒs sensitiveness, fortune, engagements, etc. make them different? Could they be formulated and supervised? The artist, as he creates his work, disengages himself from obsession, but he has already sunk into the next obsessions, This process is uninterrupted and as long as it exists, the artist himself also exists and acts.

Logic: At the time of selection of place, curator and artists guided by several things: a/ original and various spaces of interior architecture at the Central Mineral Bats and their peculiar influence during the reconstruction period; b/ historical layers, which could be prove to be provocative for some of the authors; c/ contemporary dialog about destination and function of the bats and transforming it into an obsessive place for the various strata of society; d/ idea about the bats as a symbol of purifying and liberation in physical as well as in emotional sense; e/ wish of the artists not to be confined by dimensions of space.


Adelina Popnedeleva - Nirvana


Alla Georieva - Dolce Vita


Dimitrina Sevova - C.V.

Elena Panaiotova - 6 Feelins and 7 Sins

Irina Danilova (USA) - Tiles' Design


Monika Fisher (Switzerland) - No title


Monika Romenska - 20 Black Boxes


Nadia Genova - Find the Object (4 Litres Yellow)


Nadezhda Oleg Liahova - Evidences


Regula Michel (Switzerland) - Mnegotomic poetic framents


Silvia Lazarova - Obsession for Me


Tania Abadjieva - Hubba Bubba

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