Annette Schindler
is currently the director of a new media art space [plug in] in Basel, Switzerland. She developed the concept for the space redefining the structures of traditional art institutions to suit the specific needs of new media cultural production. [plug in] was inaugurated in December 2000. From 1997 - 2000 Annette Schindler directed the Swiss Institute in New York and from 1992 - 1997 the Kunsthaus Glarus in Switzerland. Her exhibitions, publications and projects, have contributed to contemporary discourses such as: feminist approaches (Helen Chadwick, 1995; Zoe Leonard 1997; Korper-Identitat-Irritation, 1996; Where is your rupture? 1998; Marlene McCarty: bad blood; critical art practice (Klontalsommer, 1997; We are somewhere else already, 1998; Knowbotic Research: eventmodul: anonimous: databody: muttering 2001; LAN: tracenoizer.org 2001; copyleft - digital cultural production [in development]); technoculture (overdub, 1997; overpromised, 1998 both in collaboration with Schumacher/Clavadetscher) Annette Schindler studied art history and sociology at the university of Zurich and Madrid and wrote her thesis on Pierre Bourdieu's theory of taste applied to the perception of Jean Tinguely's work.

Annette Schindler
[plug in]

Annette Schindler introduced her institution [plug in] and spoke about realized as well as ongoing projects of [plug in]. [plug in] is an internationally oriented pilot-project initiating, supporting, and curating innovative contributions for the expanding of artistic experimental practice with new media. [plug in] broadens and decentralizes the curatorial concept with a network of curators contributing with their projects in [plug in]s' online - and offline program. [plug in] stands for the analog connection into the electric circuit and for those digital program extensions which enable to interact with other software. Our name is our purpose: stimulating the participation in dynamic and interactive processes, and updating the artistic discourses stored on the social hardware with new ones. [plug in] uses the spontaneity, speed, and flexibility of the new media as strategy of their communication.

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